Welcome to Avid Locals. We hope to help you reach your audience and promote your events, services or products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Listing?

Avid Locals listings are 1-page promotional web listings. They are designed to help you promote activities, services or products for sale.

What's It Cost?

There are many listing features. Many are available for free because they are supported by ads. Some features are considered premium but are very affordable. See here for premium pricing.

Why Create a Listing?

Listings are promotional tools. A well executed listing can help you attract clients, customers, and buyers. They can also help promote your website. The goal is to help you reach your audience.

Who Will See Your Listing?

Avid Locals listings are very SEO friendly. Many of them are highly ranked in search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Once a listing is published, we submit it to search engine indexes so they can be found.

We also publish a regular local email newsletter to thousands of local recipients in your area. Select listings are published for distribution. Thousands of local recipients in your market can receive your listing in their email inbox.

Some listings are made available in our mobile aps for Android or Apple platforms. Potentially thousands of people can view your listing and engage with you.

What Kind of listings are there?

Similar listings are categorized with their type so your audience can browse or search and find your listing. Here are the Avid Locals listing types:

  • Things to Do
    Do you offer an activity in your community? Create a listing and tell your audience about the fun they may have.
  • Events
    Are you planning an event for your organization? Add an event listing and tell your potential participants when, where, and who for your event.
  • Professionals
    Are you a real estate agent, insurance agent, doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc? Tell your potential clients and customers who you are and what you offer.
  • Businesses
    Do you own or manage a business? Attract your customers with offers and deals.
  • Organizations
    Do you run or manage an organization? Draw participants to your cause by sharing details about your efforts and beneficiaries.
  • Classifieds
    Have something to sell? List your wares and connect with buyers.
  • Real Estate
    Have a property to sell? List your home, land, or property and draw potential buyers.